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Right to Life

I am Pro-Life - I am not just Pro-Life in certain company, I will actually go to Little Rock and vote Pro-Life.

In the past, Legislators have claimed to be Pro-Life among their constituents only to vote against Pro-Life bills such as the Heartbeat Bill. 

See how your Representative or Senator Voted here!




2nd Amendment and Red Flag Laws


I am a strong defender of our 2nd amendment right.  This is an unalienable right that shall not be infringed. 

I feel the red-flag laws are unconstitutional. Our judicial system is based on the idea that an individual is innocent until proven guilty and the burden of proof is on the accuser. Red flag laws undermine these rights.

Enforcing the current laws on the books should be the first step to effective gun control. This report released by the United States Government Accountability Office in Spetember of 2018 shows that 0.01% of denied NICS applications were prosecuted. 

Of the 8,606,286 applications, 112,090 were denied. 

Of the 112,090 denials only 12 were prosecuted.

School of Choice

I support the school of choice program.


While they are necessary to provide basic services, the tax burden is too high. I would oppose any increases in taxes.

I believe we need to look at current spending to find inefficiencies and make sure the taxpayers are getting the best value for their dollars. We should not have "one size fits all" policies that lack common sense. 

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